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Merlinite... or not

Facebook alerted me to a 'gem show' down at Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center down in Rutland. I'd been wanting to go to their Salt Cave room so it seemed like everything was aligning. Gem show, mini-adventure, checkout the salt cave.

Sign me up.

Like all my memorable adventures, it was absolutely nothing like I had planned. The 'gem show' was actually just one additional vendor selling some stones. So while the selection was small, I figured since we had driven all the way that I should at least get something. A little flash of green caught my eye, nestled in a little box with a piece of cardboard saying, 'Merlinite aka Dendritic Opal. Good for promoting spiritual growth, magic, and shamanic journeying.' With all that feeling like energy assistance I could use in my life, I picked up the little green and white gem for $8.43.

We quickly ducked our heads into the Salt Cave room just to see what it was like since we didn't have enough time for the full hour experience. Will definitely have to go back.

I mean, look, the floors are entirely salt!

After leaving the shop, I pulled up 'merlinite' on my phone to get a little more info on the stone itself and how it was used... only to find that merlinite is a white and black stone, looking absolutely NOTHING like the one I had just bought.

Merlin had manifested as something totally different -The stone I picked up was actually Dioptase.

Oh, Merlin. So coy.

Dioptase: healing, the child within, activates past-life memories, and brings in a new vibration of love.

This is particularly interesting to me since this year I focused on the magical child and have been doing a lot with my family history and past lives.

Oracle card my friend found for the stone ~ Crystal Ally Cards deck.

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