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Mariko is a seeker, artist, dreamer, and student of the seen and unseen realms.  She is a graduate druid of the Green Mountain School of Druidry (Heartfire Clan) and eternally a magical child in love with the World.  As an interspiritual practitioner of earth-based spirituality, she approaches life through Druidry, Shintoism, sacred sound and vibration, the Path of Pollen, and the intrinsic gnosis she believes we all have. 


Mariko loves creating and holding sacred space, practicing ritual and divination, facilitating rites of passage, and walks a balance between the modern/digital world and the wild wisdom of our ancestors.  She serves on the Green Mountain Druid Order's board of directors, is the co-editor of the Druidical journal, and is the events, marketing, and office manager at All Souls Interfaith Gathering, an interfaith spiritual center in Shelburne, Vermont. She also serves as the assistant director at the Order of the Sacred Earth, an intergenerational community of sacred activists who have taken a vow to be lovers and defenders of our beautiful Earth.

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