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Sleepdeprived musings

Maybe it was that iced coffee I had yesterday at 3:30 before meeting my new landlord that did it. Maybe it was the excitement thinking about all the potential adventures coming. Sleep definitely didn’t come last night.

I have never really been patient – I have always suffered from intense inspiration that sometimes goes unfinished.

I can’t afford to leave this unfinished. Here was a little morsel of inspiration – and yes, I do believe in magic.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Sorry, Cancerian, you won’t be able to transform lead into gold anytime soon. You won’t suddenly acquire the wizardly power to heal the sick minds of racists and homophobes and misogynists. Nor will you be able to cast an effective love spell on a sexy someone who has always resisted your charms. That’s the bad news. The good news is this: If you focus on performing less spectacular magic, you could accomplish minor miracles. For example, you might diminish an adversary’s ability to disturb you. You could welcome into your life a source of love you have ignored or underestimated. And you may be able to discover a secret you hid from yourself a long time ago.

So here is to minor miracles.

Do I quit my job? Find a new one for a year before the big trip? What about health insurance? What about my 401k? Do I take the leap towards something else now or wait it out? If I want to take a month in the summer to travel, I don’t think my work will allow me the time – even though I have the time accrued. So does that force my hand into finding something else? If it’s another department switch and I have a gap month, does that reset the time I’ve been working towards?

My month trip will take me across the country and back – but Alaska will have been neglected. Perhaps a Spring Break trip?

Where to start – where to start.

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