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how do you cope with not being able to do it all?

I don’t want to settle but I know they are right.

Going to attempt a prioritize by answering these questions defined by Bootsnall Travel:

  • Are there any cities/sites/experiences you have always dreamed of visiting or doing? Egypt.The Rainforest. The Great Barrier Reef. The Galapagos Islands. LOTR. Stonehenge. The Sahara. The Great Wall. Iceland.

  • Are you a city person, or do you love the outdoors and hiking and camping? I think I would prefer hiking and camping.

  • Would you be happy circling the globe checking out the world’s best beaches? totally.

  • Are more you more of a museum and culture person? I prefer more natural wonders and action based events but culture is very important.

  • Is food extremely important to you when traveling? I can’t stress this enough.

  • Do you want to volunteer, work, or take any classes while abroad? I would love to!

  • Do you enjoy a combination of everything above? I think I’m going to have a serious problem narrowing down the things I can feasibly do… (I thought these questions would help me narrow what I wanted…?)

  • What types of accommodations do you plan on staying in? Stay with friends and family when I can, hostels, campgrounds, WWOOFing? and now even house sitting?

  • How do you plan on getting around? Fly from hub to hub. Train or boat or bus.

  • How much advance planning do you want to do, and how much of your trip do you want to leave open to spontaneity? I want to plan the big nodes but leave a decent amount of time to just go with the flow.

  • Will you want to take any guided tours on your trip? I would rather not but it might be necessary for the more popular destinations

  • Will any of your must-see destinations and activities require tours? the Galapagos, for sure

  • Have you educated yourself on multi-stop, RTW plane tickets vs. buying one-ways as you go? A little – I am still in the works.

  • Do you have a budget number in mind? I think $5,000 is a good number.

Some serious items to consider: I am planning this like it’s for me. Which it is… but… I have an ‘other half’… What does he want to do on this trip?

To do: Build a Traveler Profile Spend time on Vagabonding Travel Budget Define Pillars and a framework for the trip explore stopovers make a world map of destinations

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