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Affirmations and reaffirmations

Half the battle is knowing the right questions to ask. The other half is pulling apart those questions to be able to come up with an executable course of action.

So… Why?

What I do know is that I am stagnant. I will be 28 this year – and I have not wholeheartedly pursued my dreams of travel and adventure. I feel unfulfilled, I keep looking for ways to fill my voids: buying material things, thinking of home-ownership, force-considering grad school — all in an attempt to feel like I am making the most of my time. What does that even really mean? Time is precious, yes. I don’t want to waste it. But by not pursing what truly makes me feel alive, aren’t I in fact wasting my time?

I don’t want to wait, waste, regret, get old and continue to feel this disconnected from anything. Not any more.

I do want to make the most of my youth — the remainder of my 20’s — see places, experience things, find my place. I mean, how can I find my place if I don’t even know what is out there? It’s time to seek out the unknown. I am the child seeking the truth – and it’s time to rekindle that sense of childlike wonder and cultivate that seed of wanderlust.

Yes, it is scary leaving a job, a career and embracing risk. But without risk, what can I really accomplish?

Reaffirm confidence in myself. Become a global citizen. See the natural wonders. Meet people. Find inspiration. Make art. Write my book.

Update: start little — well, in comparison to a RTW.

also, thoughts on WWOOFing

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