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Questions, questions, questions.

I’ve been toying with the idea of the RTW trip for almost 4 years now…I’ve finally told myself that I am absolutely going to do a RTW in 2015. My lease will be up, I will hopefully have a solid exit strategy for my job, and I am working on piecing it all together.

you know, the details.

The hardest part I think is getting started… 1. How can I connect with people that may be in a similar starting point? 2. I know I’ll be fine for a RTW, but I’d like to take a smaller ‘trial’ trip prior to the real thing. Where to begin…? 3. Are there strategies to making the longer trips financially a little more sustainable? I’ve been looking at WWOOFing options and was wondering if people had combined similar travel with lodging/work.

Here is to that.

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