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All Material is sourced from UPHYCA

Hi no yubi shigusa | 火のゆびしぐさ

🔗 Original article in Japanese | 火のゆびしぐさ

📌 Framing information:

Hi = Fires

Yubi = Finger

Shigusa = Gesture

Gesture below: 



When you want to call fire, practice HODOKI, give it power,  etc., to your belongings or your space, like the picture use the pointer finger (fire) and the middle finger (wood) together; after generating fire power, gently place your finger on the object, close your eyes, engage the HASHI SHIZUME breath and pour red fire into it.
Make sure you are engaging all senses together: breathing, images, bodily sensations, etc.




For example, antiques and found items often remember various things from the past.
While we respect and celebrate all of them with love, there are times when we are forced to burn out with HODOKI what is unnecessary.

Alternatively, it could also be interpreted that this item came into the hands of the MIKO precisely for this purpose.
This technique is good to use in such situations.




When steadily pouring fire, the burnt char will then begin to peel off.
Sometimes there can be a smell. Do this practice until you feel satisfied.
The fire that is being poured comes from the seed spark from the fire belonging to the goddess (megami), captured in the UTSUWA. that grew because of the wood added by the MIKO.
Be mindful not to pour too much of "yourself" in.
If you have difficulty visualizing fire, try closing your eyes, imagine fire coming out of your fingertips, and practice following the trajectory of the light.






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