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All Material is sourced from UPHYCA

Kemono | けもの

🔗 Original article in Japanese | けもの

📌 Framing information:

Often there will be instruction to 'mount' or 'straddle' the KEMONO.  You can reference the image of 'Lust' from the Thoth Tarot. There will likely be some sort of sexual relationship as the KEMONO is a MIKO's inner masculinity and wildness as well as a MIKO's partner.

thoth tarot lust.jpeg

During MIRAI NO MIKO's Fire Ceremony is the first introduction to the existence of KEMONO, and after as a MIKO of UPHYCA, KEMONO is a companion who will walk your path with you at any and all times.



MIKO NO KEMONO can fly through the sky with a sky-clad MIKO on it's back, and at other times he will goes out on his own to run small errands. If you were to equate it in Western witchcraft, it might be called a familiar, however there are some points that you need to be careful about. This KEMONO is not a spirit, earth spirit or other divine being that came because it was attracted by the MIKO's call or summon.



KEMONO is in a completely pure state and are born from within each MIKO.

MIKO's path, even without initiation, as a pure individual a MIRAI NO MIKO the existence is evoked from within oneself. That is KEMONO.
At times, he is a kind father, a charming lover, a strong friend, and a violent child.






This is an incarnation of the MIKO's own inner HIKO.  It is able to consume flames with its mouth.  These flames return to the source volcano.  Tears of compassion flow from it's large eyes.  These tears are holy water that brings restoration.


The intermediary of fire and water, the key to circulation, and a symbol of wildness.


In other words, he can be said to be the very manifestation of the wildness that the MIKO lost while living as a human.


Found in embroidery patterns, KEMONO can be seen depicted as Jomon mizuchi (Mizuchi = dragon or serpent-like creature).

For the purposes of emphasizing the MIKO's (who is fire) HIKO's Water's SEJI.


You will likely be able to recognize portions like the limbs of KEMONO in the HAZAMA NO MEGAMI's pattern.



Again, according to the lyrics in the song "HARI WA TEN", as "まどかひめかみ、とがりひこ" and "とがりのひこはけもののやいば", the Red Circle can be seen as the MIKO and the Blue Trident can be seen as the KEMONO.







An example of Jomon Mizuchi. From Idojiri Archaeological Museum



A request is made to KEMONO as OTOME.


It is encouraged that you take concrete actions to show friendship to the KEMONO in your daily activities.


Make sure to give him the first bite of a meal, listen to music he might like, or take him for a walk somewhere he might like.


Especially HONPOU NO MIKO who are striving to cultivate an unending fervent fire of faith are encouraged to interact with KEMONO with an almost excessive enthusiasm.


Similar to legends of beasts and goddesses, KEMONO and MIKO can sometimes have a sexual connotation.


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