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All Material is sourced from UPHYCA

Mizu no yubi shigusa | 水のゆびしぐさ

🔗 Original article in Japanese | 水のゆびしぐさ

📌 Framing information:

Mizu = Water

Yubi = Finger

Shigusa = Gesture


Two gestures below:

  • Stopping overwhelming flow

  • Absorbing energy

Mizu no yubishigusa.jpeg

The path of HONPOU is to, infinitely expand the spark of the goddess (MEGAMI) received in the UTSUWA like a wildfire.

Just like the name the MIKO chose for herself, the fire expands, transforms, and burns.
Along the way, there may come a time when a quiet rejection is necessary.
This finger (YUBI) gesture is used at such times.






Press your thumb (土Earth) firmly into the base of your ring finger (水Water).


Water holds the action of MUSUBI whose flow the self has become immersed and drawn into;
Pressing the thumb (earth) conjures the image of using sandbags as a dam.

Once you are pressing your ring finger firmly, make a fist over your thumb and clench it.

Maintain that state for a while.
This can be useful on a crowded train, in a place with a lot of people, or when you encounter a place or person who doesn't seem to have a good sign, so please try using it every time you have a chance.






Mizu no Yubishigusa.png

On the other hand, if there is something or a place that you want to deeply absorb, relate to, or feel, gently clench your right hand so that your ring finger (水water) is pressed against your little finger (金metal).

Touch the object or place with your water finger and gently rotate it counterclockwise about three times. Relax your whole body as much as possible, open yourself to delicate sensations, blend and align yourself with them as you breathe.

Water is MUSUBI and also has the function of connecting or melting together.




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