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All Material is sourced from UPHYCA

Five Element Songs | 五行歌と指わざ



A playful song of the MIKO of UPHYCA.
The five elements are sung in order, and at the end a magic clay ball is rolled and placed in the center.
Sing while stimulating the meridians in your fingertips.





だれそかれそ つちのかあさまだれそ
つちのかあさま ひのかみよ
だれそかれそ ひのかあさま だれそ
ひのかあさま きのかみよ
だれそかれそ きのかあさまだれそ
きのかあさま みずのかみ
だれそかれそ みずのかあさまだれそ
みずのかあさま かねのかみ


はにつちまなかに ぽんとおこう

dare-so kare-so
tsuchi no kaasama dare-so
tsuchino kaasama hi no kami yo
dare-so kare-so
hi no kaasama dare-so
hi no kaasama kino kami yo
dare-so kare-so
ki no kaasama dare-so
ki no kaasama mizu no kami
dare-so kare-so
mizuno kaasama dare-so
mizuno kaasama kane no kami
(Return to tsuchi)
meguri meguri tetsu Chino kami
wa ni tsu chi ma naka ni
pon to okou

pon to okou

pon to okou

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