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We are currently looking for submissions of original poetry, art, lyrics, photography; literary or visual art form that can be printed within the specifications below.

Selected offerings will be included in a booklet associated with a fundraiser for the GMSD Heartfire Clan UK pilgrimage trip!

Here is a little more info on what we are looking for:

🌙  relating to Druidry, nature, spirituality, or paganism...

🌙  is printable

🌙  can fit onto a 6" by 6" page

🌙  the author/creator's permission to freely use in the booklet and format as needed

🌙  deadline to submit by: December 15, 2018 

🌙  please send your submission to

We accept works that speak to Druidry, nature, spirituality, and paganism. We accept original short format pieces of all genres for submission, whether traditional or experimental including (but not limited to): poems, new myths, stories, fairy tales, essays, memoir pieces, short and flash fiction, creative out-of-the-box writing pieces, drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, and music for submission.

We will not consider work that has been previously published.

We hold first serial rights for the material that we publish. The copyright reverts back to the author upon publication. Druidical reserves the right to publish individual pieces first published in the online magazine, in an anthology format in the future. 

Please know that we will be reviewing submissions and will be in further contact if we select your work.

Thank you for your understanding and support of this project. ✨

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